About us

Founded in 1994, Carleton Hart Architecture is a collaborative design practice dedicated to creating innovative solutions to community centered design challenges. We believe thoughtful architecture can transcend material and form, that at its best it can foster connections and enrich lives.  Whether for a public, private, or non-profit client, CHA focuses on projects that are community-based and people-oriented.  We are proud of our architectural and community contributions and in providing exemplary service to our clients.  As a testament to our work, we have seen our repeat clients increase every year.

Our thirty person firm is a dynamic team of problem solvers, creatives and collaborators that share a sincere interest in developing projects that have a positive social impact. CHA strives to create architecture that seamlessly integrates the program with the natural and social environments. We offer both breadth and depth of experience and talent. It is the combination of each staff person’s unique experiences and interests that feeds our office creativity. Additionally, CHA’s in-house committees, including sustainability, design innovation, and accessibility, keep the office informed and engaged in discussions on issues critical to our work.