Brian Carleton

Since beginning his profession in architecture in 1984, Brian Carleton’s focus has been working with non-profit and government agencies in developing community based solutions to social needs. His skill lies in bringing together complex stakeholder groups, often with conflicting agendas, and moving people forward towards common goals. It is through his ability to put himself in other people’s shoes and acknowledge that we all bring different perspectives to any issue that he is able to understand the client’s needs and provide sound advice on how to get there. His visioning processes combined with award winning designs create community based solutions and add significant value to the people who live and work in his buildings.




Bill Hart

Bill Hart has over thirty years of domestic and international architectural experience and maintains an expertise in the management of complex projects. He is recognized for his effective and collaborative management process as well as the creation of sensitive yet attractive designs that reflect the Pacific Northwest influence. Bill is the firm’s sustainable design leader, designing passive solar systems since the late 1970s, he is experienced at capturing energy efficiencies and the selection of environmental materials.





Staff members have joined the firm out of a sincere interest in working on projects that add value to our communities, and their commitment shows in our work. Our projects benefit from the open structure of the office, in which staff are encouraged to lend their skills and ideas to the success of each project.


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