PDX Post Security Concessions Utilities

The CHA team was tasked with developing a strategy for separation and metering of electrical, water and natural gas utility services to all post-security concessions spaces at PDX.

After determining the appropriate “typical” services and capacities needed by each type of concessions space, the design team conducted extensive field surveys to identify existing utility routes, potential routes and connection points.  Strategies for utility switch-overs were developed to accommodate ongoing operations.  The project was subdivided into three phases to accommodate ongoing tenant turn-over and construction.  Extensive coordination with the Port was needed to identify metering equipment to interface with the financial-capture software system.

CHA served primarily as project manager, coordinating schedule, budget and stakeholder meetings.  All aspects of operations within the airport were involved in the design process, including tenant concessions, engineering, maintenance and housekeeping.  The resulting project provides the Port with the ability to individually meter utilities to each tenant space, and to provide each tenant with consistent connection points for all utilities, making new tenant fit-outs easier and faster for the Port to manage.