Lifeworks NW


RKM Development

The neighborhood of Rockwood struggles with numerous issues, from a rising crime rate and gang violence to urban blight. The Lifeworks NW project seeks to mitigate such challenges by providing services that will directly benefit the health of the community. To meet the needs of the community, Lifeworks NW, an organization offering prevention, mental health, and addiction services to children, teens, families, adults, and seniors, is relocating its services to Rockwood, where it will be centrally located near public transit and other community amenities.

Carleton Hart designed this three-story office building that is currently under construction. The program includes offices, lobby, pharmacy, training kitchen, medical rooms and a children’s play area. The third floor offers access to an outdoor terrace with views of Mt. Hood and Rockwood Rising – a public-private development with housing, retail space and a marketplace being constructed inside the Rockwood Triangle.

To improve connectivity and access, concrete sidewalks and curbs allowing complete pedestrian access are planned throughout the site with connections to the public right-of-way. The design also includes a plaza at the main building entrance with site furnishings and bicycle parking. Other improvements include on-site stormwater management, landscaping and irrigation throughout the site, with pedestrian-scaled and energy efficient site lighting.