Multnomah County Bridge Shops Study


Multnomah County

Multnomah County’s Bridge Services Division asked Carleton Hart to assess their current office and maintenance shop facility to identify possibilities for accommodating more employees and improving the efficiency of the existing layout. After surveying the building and developing a Revit BIM model, Carleton Hart worked with the stakeholder group to identify a new standard workstation size, support operations that new staff will need (such as storage and meeting space), and assess other existing facility needs. The project team studied the Administration, Field Maintenance, and Vehicle Maintenance departments, each with slightly different goals and needs. From the space programs, the team developed three optional floor plans, each with varying degrees of construction and costs. New ADA-compliant locker rooms and an elevator were included to bring the building into code compliance. The team ranked all three options according to how each met project goals and assigned a budget. The County is now in the process of identifying funds for proceeding with one of the options.