PDX Baggage Screening Improvements


Port of Portland

Carleton Hart Architecture, in collaboration with PGAL Architecture, completed the BSI project in 2012. The project involved the installation of a completely new outbound baggage conveyor system for the entire airport, incorporating inline baggage screening technology.  Design and construction took approximately 10 years.  The process involved strong agency coordination among the Port of Portland, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), airlines, concession tenants, and the architectural/engineering team.

CHA provided project management for the entire design team. We were responsible for coordinating all drawings and specifications, engaging and coordinating consultants, and managing construction administration of a multi-faceted project. CHA also assisted the Port with many ancillary projects, including:

  • Tenant Relocations – CHA worked with every air carrier and over a dozen concessionaires to relocate or redesign their back-of-house operations to accommodate construction and operation of the new baggage system.

  • Maintenance Consolidation Spaces – CHA designed 2 centralized facilities that brought together various maintenance activities that were dispersed throughout PDX.

  • TSA CBRA Search Tables – CHA designed custom, ergonomically efficient search table to support TSA screening activities while eliminating lifting of baggage.

  • Phasing Plans – CHA lead the creation of an 18-step phasing plan that maximized construction area availability while minimizing impacts to ongoing airport operations.

Contingency Plans – CHA collaborated with Port stakeholders to develop full contingency plans for the new baggage system, creating step-by-step plans to address system issues, from single conveyor component failures to systemwide outages.