Portland Fire and Rescue Logistics Facility Assessment Study and Planning


City of Portland

Portland Fire & Rescue (PF&R)’s Logistics Facility is home to fire truck maintenance, supplies warehouse, uniform and equipment supply, and other support services. CHA performed a needs assessment and feasibility study for a new facility in three distinct efforts:

Assessment: CHA met with PF&R stakeholders, surveyed existing buildings, and job-shadowed staff to develop an understanding of the current functions, facility deficiencies, and projected future needs.

Space Programming: Using the data collected during the assessment, the project team developed a room-by-room list of each department with current and projected sizes, notes about adjacencies, and equipment needs. This detailed program resulted in an overall required building size.

Property Search: CHA explored several potential co-location opportunities – either building a new Logistics Facility next to their existing Training Facility or building on another city-owned site with other emergency management services. When neither option proved feasible, the project team worked with a real estate professional to identify properties meeting the location, zoning, and size criteria.