The Barcelona


Community Partners for Affordable Housing

The Barcelona provides affordable housing in the Old Town district of Beaverton. The four-story building incorporates ground floor community space in a mix of studios, one and two-bedroom apartments that serve seniors, people with disabilities (eight of the units are fully accessible), and those with modest incomes. The massing of the building is arranged towards the intersection of Second Street and Lombard Avenue, providing a lively pedestrian experience along both frontages. Active community spaces are focused towards the busier Lombard Avenue, while entry patio gardens along Second Street are designed on a residential scale.

The Barcelona is Green Communities certified and includes public art, raised planters, a living wall, and a transit shelter. Units are arranged to take advantage of views and natural light with open plans for flexible living. Every apartment enjoys a balcony arranged with overhangs and privacy screens to ensure shading of windows and minimal solar heat gain during summer months. Wall assemblies and building systems throughout the project were selected for their durability, energy efficiency, and ultimate resident comfort.

Barcelona sits adjacent to LaScala (also designed by Carleton Hart), on this full block development, which represents an innovative partnership by two developers with individual, yet complimentary projects that provide housing at a variety of income levels with mixed-use retail opportunities. The project functions as a catalyst for urban living in Beaverton, promoting transit-oriented, sustainable development.